This page contains the web's most comprehensive list of AC/DC Tribute bands from around the world, all paying homage to the Greatest Rock N Roll Band of all time: AC/DC!

If you are in an AC/DC Tribute band or know of one in your area, and wish to be listed on this page, please EMAIL me and I will be happy to list you here. Please be sure to include the band name, website address/E-mail contact address, and location (Country/City). Bands listed here, please link back to us at

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  1. AB/CD (Sweden)

  2. AB/CD (UK)

  3. AB/CD (Ireland)

  4. AB/CD (Italy)

  5. AC/3P

  6. AC/Dixie (now known as HAYSEED DIXIE) (USA)

  7. AC/DShe (San Francisco, CA/ USA)

  8. AC-DX (Germany)

  9. AC Seedy (UK)

  10. Action In DC (Holland)

  11. AC/CD (Switzerland)

  12. AC/DC Cover Band (Australia)

  13. AC/DC Cover Band (Solvenia)

  14. AC/DC Jam

  15. AC/DC Revival Band (Germany)

  16. AC/DCU (France)

  17. AC/DO (UK)

  18. AC/ID (Germany)

  19. AC/PC (Japan)

  20. Acca Dacca (Brisbane, Australia)

  21. Ace Of DC (Sweden)

  22. AD/AC (Bavaria, Germany)

  23. AM/FM (Germany)

  24. Angus (Hiroshima, Japan)

  25. Angus (Cologne, Germany)

  26. AZ/DZ (Ireland)

  27. AZ/DZ (Phoenix, AZ/USA)

  28. Back In Black (Quebec City, Canada)

  29. Back In Black (Netherlands)

  30. Back In Black (Long Island, NY/USA) (Disbanded)

  31. Back In Black  (UK)

  32. Back In Black (Springfield, MA/USA)

  33. Back In Black (Dallas, TX/ USA)

  34. Back To Black (Denmark)

  35. Bad Boys (Sweden)

  36. Ballbreaker (Long Island, NY/USA) (Disbanded)

  37. Ballbreaker (Rochester, NY/USA)

  38. Ballbreaker (France)

  39. Bare Rump (Toronto, Canada)

  40. Barrock (Germany)

  41. Beefy DC (Boston, MA/USA)

  42. Big/Gun (Knoxville, TN)

  43. BC/DC (BC, Canada)

  44. BON/DED (San Francisco, CA/USA)

  45. Bonfire (Chicago, IL/USA)

  46. Bonfire (Cleveland, OH/USA)

  47. Bonfire (Los Angeles, CA/USA)

  48. Bonfire Music (Ireland)

  49. Big Balls (Germany)

  50. Big Balls (Germany)

  51. Bon Voyage (Long Island/USA) (Disbanded)

  52. Black Angus (Germany)

  53. Bon's Balls (Scotland)

  54. Concussion (San Francisco, CA/ USA)

  55. Crazy Crowd (Germany)

  56. DC/79 (UK)

  57. DC/AC (Switzerland)

  58. DC World (Switzerland) (Marc Storace of Krokus)

  59. Dirty Deeds (Australia)

  60. Dirty Deeds (Canada)

  61. Dirty Deeds (Massachusetts, USA)

  62. Dirty Deeds (Detroit, MI/ USA)

  63. Dirty Deeds (Norway)

  64. Dirty Deeds '79 (Germany)

  65. Dirty Deeds Indeed (Finland)

  66. Dirty DC (UK)

  67. Dirty Shoes (UK)

  68. Dog Bone (Italy)

  69. Dynamite (Norway)

  70. Easy Daisy (Germany)

  71. Easy DC (Germany)

  72. Ecromad (Verona, Italy)

  73. EL SIIS/ON SISS (Finland)

  74. Fat Angus (Warren, OH/USA)

  75. FA/KE  (Germany)

  76. Five Volts (Germany)

  77. Fuse Box (Germany)

  78. Girls Got Rhythm (USA)

  79. Graf Von Spiegelberg (Switzerland)

  80. Great Scott (Ottowa, Canada) (Bon Tribute)

  81. Jailbreak (Hamilton, Canada)

  82. Jailbreaker (Germany)

  83. Hard Balls (Italy)

  84. Hayseed Dixie (USA)

  85. Heatseeker (Long Island, NY/USA) (Disbanded)

  86. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (Switzerland)

  87. Hells Belles (Canada)

  88. Hells Belles (Germany)

  89. Hells Bells (Florida, USA)

  90. Hells Bells (Canada)

  91. Hells Bells (Gloucestershire, UK)

  92. High Voltage (Sweden)

  93. High Voltage (Rochester, NY/USA) (Disbanded)

  94. High Voltage (San Francisco, CA/USA)

  95. High Voltage (Belgium)

  96. High Voltage (Italy)

  97. High Voltage (Omagh, Northern Ireland)

  98. High/Voltage (Norway) (Bon tribute)

  99. Highway To Hell (Australia)

  100. Highway To Hell (Florida/USA)

  101. Hole Full Of Love (Germany)

  102. Ice Breakker (Italy)

  103. LIVE WIRE (LI/NYC/New York/ USA)

  104. Live Wire (Germany)

  105. Live Wire (Switzerland)

  106. Live/Wire (Sweden)

  107. Live Wire (UK)

  108. Loud (Italy)

  109. Love Hungry Man (Bergen, Norway)

  110. Motorocker (Brazil)

  111. OC/DC (Orange County, CA/ USA)

  112. On Off Band (Italy)

  113. Overdose (Germany)

  114. Overdose (New Jersey, USA) (Bon Tribute)

  115. Powerage (California, USA)

  116. Powerage (Cleveland, OH/USA)

  117. Powerage (Newcastle, UK)

  118. Powerage (Brazil)

  119. Powerage (Germany) (Original band w/AC/DC Covers)

  120. Power Load (California, USA)

  121. Problem Child (Italy)

  122. Problem Child (Canada)

  123. Problem Child (Seattle, WA/USA)

  124. RayC/BC (BC, Canada)

  125. Riff Raff (Toronto, Canada) (Disbanded)

  126. Riff Raff (New Jersey, USA) (Disbanded)

  127. Riff Raff (Germany)

  128. Riff Raff (Italy)

  129. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) (Sweden)

  130. Ruff Edge (Quebec, Canada)

  131. Scottland (France) (Bon Tribute)

  132. Seedy/DC (North Wales, UK)

  133. Sin City (Germany)

  134. Sin City (USA)

  135. Stiff Upper Lip (UK)

  136. Texas Big Balls (Texas, USA)

  137. The Bon Scott Band (Barcelona, Spain)

  138. The Jailbreakers (Germany)

  139. Thunderstruck (Worchester, MA/ USA)

  140. Thunderstruck (Akron, OH/USA)

  141. Thunderstruck (Australia) (formerly known as Back In Black)

  142. Thunderstruck (Canada)

  143. Thundherstruck (USA)

  144. Touch2Much (Derby, UK)

  145. T.N.T. (Phoenix, AZ/USA)

  146. T/N/T

  147. Volts (Brazil)

  148. Volts (Italy)

  149. VV/TV (Finland)

  150. Whole Lotta DC (UK)

  151. Whole Lotta Rosies (Los Angeles, CA/USA)

  152. Whole Lotta Rosies (Los Angeles, CA/USA)

  153. Zombee Bon (Manchester, NH/USA)