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Latest Review: 11/05/16: AC/DC "In Full Flight" hardcover book (Photographs by Allan Perry)

AC/DC In Full Flight

I received an advance promotional copy of the new photo-book "AC/DC In Full Flight" from Wymer Publishing in Bedford, UK. The UK-only, special, very-limited edition release consists of concert photographs taken by Alan Perry during AC/DC's UK shows from 1978-1982. This is essentially a coffee-table photobook, scattered with quotes taken from various sources to compliment the photographs. There is a short introduction, and towards the end of the book, information about the venues, however the majority of the 128 page hardcover are images that capture AC/DC performing live in their heyday. Images included in this book are from AC/DC's concerts at: Coventry Theatre, Coventry, Thursday, November 8, 1978, Wembley Stadium, London, Saturday, August 18th, 1979, Monsters of Rock Festival, Donington Park, Castle Donington, Saturday, August 22, 1981, and Wembley Arena, London, Monday, October 18th, 1982.

The release is strictly a limited edition, numbered, collectible release of 500 copies only! The promotional version that I received did not contain the standard retail packaging that you will receive when you purchase it. The retail version comes in a special individually numbered flight case, and also includes the following extra items: A3 poster of the cover photo, a set of 10 postcards of the cover photo, 5 A4 prints reproduced on high-quality 400gsm offset paper of: Bon Scott, Malcolm Young, Angus Young, Brian Johnson, and a group shot.
The book may be purchased directly from https://www.wymeruk.co.uk/acdc-in-full-flight.html


REVIEW 12/12/11

"AC/DC Fantography: From Hammersmith to Bilbao 2003-2010,." by Matteo Abruzzo and Stonebreaker -(Limited Edition hard cover book)

AC/DC Fantography -Limited Edition Photo Book!


This deluxe hard cover coffee table photo book (8.3" x 11.7") has just been recently released (November 2011) and offers a glimpse of fantastic AC/DC photos from a variety of concerts all over the world from 2003 to 2010. The book is 112 pages and packed with awesome photos of AC/DC, many from the bands massive “Black Ice” world tour which resulted in becoming one of the most successful tours in music history! Timm Nuchter, aka “Stonebreaker” shares his photographs along with photos by Matteo Abruzzo (who had also previously authored his own “Black Ice World tour” photo book) who traveled around the world attending 85 concerts in 23 countries around the world. Many of the photos included in this book have never before been published!

The book offers a fantastic first hand glimpse of AC/DC doing what they do best, rock their hearts out on stage in front of audiences around the world! This is a very well put together and very high quality photo book and as an AC/DC fan and collector, I highly recommend this book to any true-AC/DC fan! Better yet, the book is a LIMITED EDITION release, limited to 666 copies only, each are hand numbered and signed! As a collectible, the book will increase in value over the years and will certainly make a nice addition to any AC/DC fans collection.

With the holidays around the corner, copies are going fast! And at a special promotional price of €39 (normally €49) plus shipping and handling:
www.acdcphotobook.com/abruzzostonebreaker Order yours today!

REVIEW 9/16/11


AC/DC's original bass player Mark Evans, who preceeded Cliff Williams in AC/DC's line up and played in the band from 1975 to 1977 has a brand new book coming out in November. The book is titled "Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC" and is being released through Bazillion Points Publishing. The book has already been released in Australia this past August, and the North American version of the book proof has been sent to me for review. Mark recorded some of the most prominent AC/DC albums including "T.N.T.", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", and "Let There Be Rock".

The book offers a first hand look into AC/DC's early career, and what it was like playing in a band beside Angus and Malcolm Young, Bon Scott and
Phil Rudd, an insight which has never been revealed or told before, from someone that was there to experience it first hand. This makes the book stand out over any of the AC/DC books on the market released previously. Mark goes on to tell tales to the best of his recollection, covering their early Australian club days, their rise to fame in Australia, recordings of the early AC/DC albums, their first venture to England and Europe, and his eventual dismissal from AC/DC. The book is filled with interesting stories and shenanigans of life on the road, touring with bands like Black Sabbath and Rainbow, and the filming of AC/DC's classic videos "Jailbreak" and "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll)". Mark also discusses his other musical projects over the years from Finch/Contraband to Heaven to present day Tice and Evans. The final chapter Mark tells of the tragic loss of his first daughter Kristin. The book is an overall personal account of Mark's life, and certainly a must have for any true AC/DC fan, as he gives a rare peek into AC/DC's early days and their path down the Highway To Hell.

Pre-orders are being taken for Mark's book now directly from Bazillion points for fans worldwide! $17.95 plus free shipping for U.S. orders, $17.95 plus shipping for orders outside the USA.

You can preview the book HERE! (PDF File, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)



AC/DC Monopoly Collector’s Edition

Well here you have it folks, AC/DC got their very own Monopoly game. USAOpoly was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the game prior to its release for review, and I must say that I was certainly impressed with the packaging! This is definitely a very cool take on the classic Monopoly, complete with custom acca dacca player pieces such as the Hells Bell, AC/DC Cannon, Angus schoolboy cap, lightning bolt, TNT and stack of “money talks” money. The game various AC/DC album releases as the properties that players buy and sell, an AC/DC Tour bus, limo, train and jet in place of the classic railroads, “Bonfire” box set and “Backtracks” box set in place of Chance and Community Chest, with “AC/DC Lane” and “Calle De AC/DC” (AC/DC Street) as Boardwalk and Park Place.

Definitely a unique and cool collectible for any AC/DC fan, this collector’s edition AC/DC Monopoly set is available from USAopoly and retails for $39.95


REVIEW 7/21/11


What can I say, but FINALLY.... AC/DC's "LET THERE BE ROCK" movie has beenreleased on DVD! (and blu-ray!). When I first heard of this release, my excitment was tremendous being this in my opinion is the greatest rock 'n roll movie ever produced. It gives a vision of AC/DC at their prime with Bon Scott on lead vocals, and essentially the last filmed concert with Bon (from Paris, December 9. 1979).
Angus Young proves that he is the ultimate lead guitarist maniac on stage, and his energy is unmatchable to this day.
The release, however is through Warner Home Video (not through Sony/Columbia records, AC/DC's current record company), and with word of there being "bonus"footage which is comprised of interviews with other musicians and various music critics, the excitment dwindled a bit.

Hopes that the release would obtain the original masters and include the entire performance ("TNT" and "Walk All Over You" (stage footage) were now gone, as well as the opportunity to see any of the other backstage footage, band shenanigans, and interviews that were also originally filmed but not included in the original. (The original film-makers ended up with something like seven hours' worth of film, which, combined with interviews, gave them approximately 10 to 11 hours of footage, which was edited down to 95 minutes for the screen.)

This also dashed my hopes of the audio and video quality really living up to DVD/blu-ray standards. Essentially they were taking the original Videorelease and upscaling it to DVD and blu-Ray.
The wait was over, and the collector edition DVD is finally in my hands, and I must say I was blown away. The video quality is fantastic, and impressively better than the original video. The colors are vibrant, the audio is crisp, and the clarity of the overall video returned my original excitement that I had when I first heard the news of this release!
This DVD is a must-have for any AC/DC fan or collector alike, or anymusic & rock 'n roll fan that may not be an AC/DC fanatic should own this DVD. It's one of a kind, and if you're not an AC/DC fan before watching this, you will be when you're done.


The DVD is available as a special limited & numbered collector edition
(90,000 copies), a standard DVD release, and a blu-ray release.

The track listing is as follows:


1. Live Wire

2. Shot Down in Flames

3. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

4. Sin City

5. Walk All over You

6. Bad Boy Boogie

7. The Jack

8. Highway to Hell

9. Girls Got Rhythm

10. High Voltage

11. Whole Lotta Rosie

12. Rocker

13. Let There Be Rock


Special features include:


* Loud, Locked & Loaded: The Rites of Rock: Seasoned rockers, actors and
journalists recollect their rite of passage as early witnesses to the raw,
bone rattling rock of AC/DC.

* AC/DC: The Bedrock of Riff:No one has mastered the basic DNA of Riff Rock
as successfully as AC/DC. Explore Angus and Malcolm Young's telepathic
groove and the four-on-the-floor swing of Mark Rudd.

* Angus Young: A True Guitar Monster: Angus Young's transformation from
diminutive schoolboy to raging rock monster electrifies the masses. Find out
what makes this time bomb tick.

* Bon Scott: The Pirate of Rock 'n' Roll: Bon Scott was the ringleader of
the AC/DC circus, balancing his screaming sexuality with a rakish charm. Get
a glimpse into the life of a classic Rock 'n' Roll pirate.

* AC/DC: A Rock Solid Legacy: From bar band to arena rock, AC/DC stuck to
their guns and shot their way to the top. Fellow rockers and journalists
chart AC/DC's ascent into the Pantheon of Rock Gods in rock 'n' roll

* BD Playlist: your favorite songs in your favorite order

* 32-page tribute book by rock journalist Anthony Bozza (author of Why AC/DC

* Exclusive souvenir guitar pick

* Collector card set featuring concert photos


Cons: Could have done without all of the additional commentary from journalists, actors and rockers telling us how great AC/DC is. We already know this, and it would have been so much more worthwhile tracking down the original masters to give this movie a "proper" release by including more of the original footage that was not included in the orignal movie. Perhaps only an AC/DC-Approved release would have been able to manage that?...


Pros: Great improvement on the original VHS, one of the most energetic and kick ass rock n roll shows ever filmed now on DVD! For collectors: Worth getting the COLLECTOR EDITION for the extra included goodies and the numbered limited edition value and collectibility!


You can order the AC/DC "Let There Be Rock" DVD, Blu-Ray and Collectors Edition DVD HERE!

REVIEW 11/8/10

AC/DC: 2 YEARS ON THE ROAD WITH… AC/DC. BLACK ICE WORLD TOUR 2008-2010 by MATTEO ABRUZZO (Limited Edition Hard Cover book)

(Limited edition)

AC/DC’s Black Ice tour would become the bands biggest tour of their career yet, and after its completion at Bilbao, Spain on June 28th, 2010 having played to close to five million people around the world, over 168 shows at sold out arenas and stadiums, AC/DC’s Black Ice tour has become the second highest grossing tour in music history. Like they say, It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll…
This brand new, hard cover limited edition release by Matteo Abruzzo (who runs the fabulous AC/DC Abruzzo fan blog http://acdc-abruzzo.blogspot.com/) follows AC/DC from the very beginning of their Black Ice tour in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA (at the invitation only fan dress-rehearsal on October 26th, 2008) all around the world to the final show of the tour in Spain two years later. If you’re an AC/DC fan, you certainly have noticed the smiles of Matteo and his crew in various photos appearing on the internet, often posing with members of AC/DC or holding up their AC/DC-Abruzzo Italian flag with fellow fans at one of the concerts. The book is packed with 280 photos from over 40 shows that were attended from around the world! Impressive! To say the least. If you are an AC/DC fan, and have enjoyed seeing AC/DC live on their massive “Black Ice” world tour, this book does it justice, and is certainly a highly recommended release. It will bring you back some fond memories of the greatest live band on the planet, and allow you to relive that experience all over again, just sit back, browse through the pages, crank up “Black Ice” on your stereo and enjoy a cold one. There is also a special section dedicated to AC/DC fanatics from around the world who contributed photos of themselves for this release, perhaps you will even find yourself gracing one of the pages.
The book is a limited edition release and can be delivered to you directly from Italy. To order your copy now, before they’re all gone, please visit this website for details! http://www.acdcphotobook.com/ Remember this book is a limited edition printing, so get one while they last! Definitely a perfect keepsake for the AC/DC fan in your life, and just in time for the holidays!

REVIEW 5/8/07


AC/DC "Maxiumum Rock N Roll"


Although there is still no 'official' biography, this is the latest AC/DC biography to hit the store shelves, one of many that seem to have recently been published over the last couple of years. What sets this one apart from the others, however, is that it contains the most comprehensive AC/DC band history information in one source that all other AC/DC biographies in the past have failed to do.  Written by Australian music journalist Murray Engleheart and AC/DC expert and former rock journalist Arnaud Durieux, this  book steps through the bands history from the beginning, each chapter covering each of the bands albums, up to their latest album, which still currently remains 2000's "Stiff Upper Lip". The authors did a remarkable job at outlining the bands career through the decades, and giving the reader an enjoyable and interesting story to follow from beginning to end.

Not only is it well written, It does not contain factual errors about AC/DC's  history, as most of the other AC/DC biographies on the market do. The general flow of each chapter of this book keeps the reader interested and wanting to read more, and essentially this biography sums up the bands career to the present time, and should answer the majority of the questions that most AC/DC fans have always wondered.  The book also contains many rare never before published photos which add the the whole package.

Certainly there are more chapters of the bands career that have still not taken their place in history, but until then, I would recommend this book as 'the definitive AC/DC biography', and a perfect read for the AC/DC fan.

For more information or to learn how to order this biography, please visit the home page here:



REVIEW 1/8/07

ISBN: 0825634695

The Story of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

Susan Masino
ISBN: 0825634695


From the publishers of AC/DC's music comes the definitive BIOGRAPHY of this classic rock band, now enjoying renewed attention after 30+ years from the next generation of hard rock fans.

Let There Be Rock traces the band's roots, from their Australian beginnings, through the early years and the untimely death of singer Bon Scott, through their most popular album Back in Black, and finally to the present day where their album and tour sales continue to astound the mainstream music press.

Wisconsin author/journalist Susan Masino has been an AC/DC fan since the early days, and her early press raves helped increase the band's profile, as well as guaranteeing her access to backstage life and personal details on the band members. Decades of research went into this book, including interviews with former band members, stage crew staff, record executives, tour managers, roadies, and fellow musicians such as Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Keith Emerson of ELP. 2006, hardcover, 244 pages.


I received the new AC/DC biography just before it's release, and unfortuantely due to certain issues outside of my control, it took me a lengthy duration of time to complete it. Now finally finishing through the last pages of this book I can offer you my opinion as an AC/DC fan and journalist myself.

The book is well written, and Susan touches into some personal history between herself and the band members,  as having been lucky enough to have met them in the 1970's, and stayed in touch with them since. This bit of personal history and recollection of interactions with the band makes the book stand out from the other AC/DC biographies on the market, and makes it an extra good read for the AC/DC fan, or for anyone interested in reliving some of the lesser known moments of the bands career.

The book travels through the bands history from their beginning to their current status and achievements, and is overall a good read with lots of thorough information for the AC/DC fan to absorb. One comment I wish the author had left out of the last chapter was regarding the new AC/DC album tentatively being titled "Strap It On", which the general populace of the "AC/DC Community" definitely knows is untrue, and is nothing but a fake title created on an AC/DC forum many years ago... goes to show how far rumors can get.

Well worth the read, two thumbs up from me.


REVIEW 1/8/07




I wasn't sure what to expect when I began to watch this film. The movie started off with a very AC/DC orientated theme, and since I was aware of that much, knowing the basis of the plot (ie. 4 band mates get back together to bury their now deceased friend next to Bon Scott's grave site, as they promised this vow to eachother if one would die) and

I got interested. The movie then takes a bit of a turn, and has a fair share of 'long spots' which I found a bit boring, and the dialogue a bit uninteresting. It picks back up again, and has several attempts at humor throughout the movie, some of which land, and others that miss the target by a fair distance. My final verdict on this DVD would be- if you're an

AC/DC fan, it's worth watching, and has it's moments. But if it were a movie by itself, without the AC/DC aspect I wouldn't have had found it to be of any interest.


REVIEW 10/17/06




I received these sculpture figurines in the mail for my review, and was pleased to see the high quality of these sculptures upon opening the box. They are packaged in colorful AC/DC logo boxes with photos of the figures on the outside, which almost makes them displayable just like this. Upon opening the boxes, the sculptures are securely fastened in their confines to protect them from damage. Each of the sculptures is individually hand numbered on the bottom of their bases, which in turn declares the uniqueness of these figures, making them a definitive collectors item for the near future. They are a VERY LIMITED EDITION Run of only 3,000 worldwide.

The Malcolm figurine comes with an AC/DC Logo base, which can be affixed with the provided glue, and then placed on the wooden base bottom. The Angus figurine comes with a round stage base surrounded by a devil tail, which can also be affixed by the provided glue and then displayed on top of the wooden base bottom. These are collectible figurines, not "action figures" or "dolls" as some speculation after the first announcement of these figures amongst some fans seemed to assume.

As a long time AC/DC fan and collector, a limited edition item like this, that is well made, and of high quality is definitely worth the investment as L.E. items will always increase in collector value in the long run..

These sculptures may be purchased directly through Guitar Hero (Knucklebonz). They are both available individually for $99 each:



OR for a limited time, being offered together as a set for a reduced price of $178 HERE

Guitar Hero also offers a variety of other Rock N Roll sculptures, including Slash, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrell and more!



REVIEW 09/24/06







Here we have yet another new 'unauthorized' AC/DC DVD, this one should be hitting the shelves on October 31st, 2006. I received an advance copy of this DVD for my review, and was pleased to discover that in addition to the opinions of the speakers throughout the DVD, that it also included live footage/clips of AC/DC as well as interview footage with Bon Scott. The DVD focuses on the album "Back In Black", and after the introduction, it goes through the album song by song, offering a lot of interesting tidbits about the recording process and the song writing process behind this masterpiece of an album.  Particularly, the Tony Platt interview footage, the man who was there and mixed the actual recording of the album proves to be quite interesting. Tony discusses much of the recording and mixing process, working with the band, and working with Mutt Lange.

From the tragedy of Bon Scott's death, to finding Brian Johnson, and offering comments and opinions of each song from authors such as Malcolm Dome, Paul Stenning, Clinton Walker, members of the U.K. AC/DC Tribute band Dirty DC, and others, this DVD encompasses an excellent review in a sense of one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Although I don't personally agree with many of the opinions reflected by author Malcolm Dome throughout the DVD, he does make a specifically bold statement regarding the lyrics to the 'Back In Black' album, which he states as a fact, as having seen it with his own eyes.  Well, I'm not going to reveal to you what exactly it is that he says in this review, you're going to have to find that out for yourself...

The DVD also offers some special bonuses, including a Tony Platt interviews section, biographies of the guests, and the  supposed 'hardest AC/DC Back In Black Quiz in The World Ever", which yours truly scored 24/25. The one I got wrong was something I still have yet been able to verify.
Overall, I would recommend this DVD to the AC/DC fan, as it offers a 'fans' insight to the album as a whole. Not only to the depths of the recording and writing of the album, but the track by track discussion of each song. And last but not least, I believe that it offers a peek into answering a portion of a long lost debate amongst AC/DC fans regarding this album, but that will be for you to decide.




REVIEW 09/13/06


The AC/DC Record Guide (2005) (Germany)

This is a great record collectors guide privately published from a fan and collector in Germany. It contains hundreds of color photos and descriptions of AC/DC records from around the world (Soft-cover/bound book). The book focuses primarily on AC/DC Bootleg vinyl's, and pictures the very rarest and hard to find records to be found, including colored  vinyl's, acetates, and very low limited edition pressings. This is a very cool book for the avid AC/DC collector, or for even someone who is interested in getting into collecting as a beginner. Not only does it picture bootleg LP's, but plenty of mega-rare official releases as well, covering 45RPM 7" singles, Unique LP releases from different  countries around the world, picture disc's, test pressings, and different LP labels from a variety of countries.
Definitely a MUST-HAVE release for any AC/DC collector. The book is very limited edition.

Those who are interested in purchasing this book can contact the
author. Price is 25 EUROS plus shipping costs.



REVIEW 09/05/06


AC/DC "It's A Long Way To The Top" DVD   (UK) Pickwick entertainment

Purchase this DVD from AMAZON UK

This is another unauthorized DVD release, which was recently issued in the UK. The DVD is essentially an AC/DC Biography, which is narrated, and spans from the bands start through their history to present.
It contains a variety of interviews from people in the music industry giving their opinions about AC/DC, as well as a good portion of interviews with original AC/DC singer Dave Evans.
Unfortunately, during the narration, there are several factual errors stated. Live footage of an AC/DC Tribute band (I'm guessing Acca Dacca, as their lead singer is also interviewed throughout the DVD) is used, which was a bit strange, since the special effects added to the footage appeared as if the documentary was trying to disguise this footage as being the real AC/DC.
Many real AC/DC Still images were used throughout the DVD during the narration, which were likely from magazines or the internet. There is otherwise no actual AC/DC interviews or music contained on the DVD. The time is only 46 minutes, so it goes by rather quick, but I would say overall that this release was somewhat bland, and not offering anything new aside from the same general biography information that most AC/DC fans are already familiar with.
It does contain a (text only) discography of albums, singles, DVD, and bootlegs, as well as an "AC/DC Quiz" at the end of the disc, in which this author scored 15/15
. \m/\m/

REVIEW 07/18/06

AC/DC BOOK "TWO SIDES OF EVERY GLORY- The Complete Biography" by Paul Stenning

AC/DC BOOK "TWO SIDES OF EVERY GLORY The Complete Biography" By Paul Stenning (CHROME DREAMS) (www.chromedreams.co.uk)

I first received this book for review several months ago, along with it's "companion" CD AC/DC  "Life Before Brian" (a DVD which was quite interesting), and I have finally had the time to complete the reading of this "complete biography" and to look back to reminisce certain areas of the book for further thoughts.

First, I mention this being a "companion" to the DVD, because most of the dialogue and interviews throughout the biography are quotes taken from the interviews done for the DVD. In the same fashion as the DVD, it does give an AC/DC fan a different peek into the very early beginnings of AC/DC as a band, as well as band members Angus and Malcolm Young,  and Bon Scott's lives during their childhood years, which is certainly quite different than you can find in any of the other 'typical' AC/DC biographies on the market.
I do, however, have some issues with this book. The book is riddled with errors. Perhaps the author should have done more thorough  research before publishing this book, instead of misleading the reader with incorrect information as simple as Bon Scott's birth date, amongst other easily spotted errors.
Errors aside, the book is a fair attempt at an AC/DC biography, with much of it's content taken from internet sites (many quoted in the credits, mine
included), with a different approach than other bio's, as it observes AC/DC's early years. A recommended read for the hardcore AC/DC fan.

BUFFALO "Only Want You For Your Body" CD (AZTEC MUSIC) (

The first word that comes to mind when I first put this CD on was "WOW!"...The second word after the first few songs was "Awesome"...

Makes me wish it was the 1970's again...(well, aside from how I normally would).  This CD Rocks, simply put! Dave Tice and company (John Baxter, Peter Wells, and Jimmy Economou) play early Australian boogie blues rock at it's finest. This unit creates a very powerful, intense rock and roll atmosphere on this album, and takes you there for an excellent experience in musical enjoyment. Perhaps, being an AC/DC fan, the boogie-blues riffs of this band appeal to me at a  higher degree, however I think overall that this album is a perfect example of another band, aside from their much more famous counterparts, AC/DC for a fan to peek into Australia's early boogie rock roots from the 70's. The album was originally released in 1974 on Vertigo records in Australia, and has been reissued through Aztec, completely remastered, and repackaged (complete with a fold out CD cover and multi-page booklet including full lyrics, pictures and info) in 2005. The reissue here also includes 2 bonus tracks- "What's Going On" (the single version), and "United Nations" (live version). If you dig guitar oriented classic rock with a bluesy edge, I highly recommend this album!

REVIEW 11/20/05

AC/DC DVD "AND THEN THERE WAS ROCK" Life Before Brian (AC/DC Unauthorized 1973-1980).

Chrome Dreams (UK)

Catalog # CVIS379

AC/DC DVD "And Then There Was Rock...Life Before Brian" (AC/DC Unauthorized 1973-1980).

This is not the typical AC/DC Biography one would expect, with the same general rehashed information you can find on just about any AC/DC website on the internet. The new DVD "And then there was rock...life before Brian" gives AC/DC fans a glimpse into AC/DC's very early beginnings as a band, and touches on Bon Scott's, Angus Young's, and Malcolm Young's early roots. There's even a shot of Angus as a youngster, provided by one of his school year friends.
The DVD features some great interview footage with Dave Evans (original AC/DC singer before Bon Scott), Vincent Lovegrove (the other singer w/Bon in The Valentines and Bon's life-long friend), and even Colin Burgess (Original AC/DC drummer from 1973, former Masters Apprentices).

The vintage Fraternity rehearsal footage (provided from Vincent Lovegrove's personal archives) alone is enough for me to recommend this DVD to any AC/DC or Bon Scott fan, as it gave me chills watching it. There's also some great early footage of Bon riding through the hills of Australia on his motorbike. This was part of  the footage that was intended for Clinton Walkers AC/DC movie, which never happened. Clinton is also interviewed throughout this DVD.

The DVD is unofficial, and not approved by the band or their management, and does not include any AC/DC music. It does feature some interview clips with Bon, and some rare pictures. Overall, I would recommend this DVD to any AC/DC fan, because it gives a well put together and informative recollection of AC/DC's early beginnings as a band and how they started.

DVD (Multi-Region)

This DVD is available from Chrome Dreams (UK)



REVIEW 1/24/03



ZEBRA label a division of Cherryred records, UK.


1. The Electric Hellfire Club:Highway to hell

2. Genitorturers:Squealer

3. Die Krupps:It's a long way to the top

4. Spahn Ranch:Shot down in flames

5. Godflesh:For those about to rock

6. Joined At The Head:Whole lotta Rosie

7. Pigface vs. Sheep On Drugs:Back in black

8. Birmingham 6:Thunder struck

9. Razed In Black:Hells bells

10. Psychopomps:Badlands

11. Klute:The furor

12. Terminal Sect With En Esch Of KMFDM:Who made who

13. Sister Machine gun:TNT

14. 16 Volt:Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Industrial is typically a label put on a music style, that in all honesty, I would not hesitate to just shut off under normal circumstances. COVERED IN BLACK- An industrial tribute to AC/DC is a new tribute CD that I am giving a listen to. This nicely packaged reissue was released as a digipak in the UK through cherryred records and provides a different taste to the AC/DC fan, and at the same time, a different taste to the industrial music fan, melding the two into one entity.

As an AC/DC fan, I knew from the start to be as objective as possible before attempting to give this a listen. After I finished listening to this CD, I can say, that overall, it is a good package for a tribute album. Better than some of the other AC/DC Tribute albums that I have heard. Some of the style gets alot of getting used to, where other bits and pieces are not very likeable. There was a mix and match of good songs, as well as bad songs, with the rest of the CD getting an average vote on the material. 14 tracks total. 4 could have been left off altogether making it an even 10 song CD for an extra star. I will provide an outline for each track to follow, with a short review of each to give a better understanding of what is contained within.

MY TOP PICKS- Birmingham 6, joined at the head, psychopomps, sister machine gun

TRASH- godflesh, pigface vs sheep on drugs, razed in black, klute

The electric hellfire club-Highway to Hell They still keep the context of the song, songstructure and chorus intact. The vocals arent too bad. A good renditon for the opening track choice. A pretty good start here so far.

Genitorturers -Squealer The heavy guitars and bass beginning is very cool. Female vocals add a different touch to this song. It is very gothic sounding, another good, and an interesting version of an AC/DC song. I like the vibe on this one.

Die krups- It's a long way to the top This is a fast paced and heavy intro. The vocals kill it. Bon would not be proud of this one. The changeup gives it an interesting touch, then goes back to the heavy, typical thrashmetal sounding attempt at this classic.

Spainranch- Shot down in flames The guitar sound sounds like rehashed 1980s dance synth guitar...then the machine sounding drums accompanied by the computer voice emulated vocals mixed together blend right in. It is a very unusual version of the song. With all dislike of the techno sounds set aside, not a bad version overall.

Godflesh- ForThose About to Rock What were they thinking? The intro wasnt half bad. Very heavy sounding guitars with a lowend rhythm section...seemed to draw out for a bit. Once the vocals started, I hoped that the begining kept going. The droning, monotone incoherent babble of the vocals ruined this one. 2:30 into the song I had to move to track 6.

Joined At The Head- Whole Lotta Rosie Very good! A tremendous improvement from the previous track. The music, AND the vocals. I really liked this one. The singer did his best to do a Bon Scott imitation, which came out more like Mark Slaughter, but either way a very good job at covering this classic. Impressive. So far the best on the CD.

Pigface vs Sheep on Drugs- Back in Black I think the sheep on drugs won. Awful! Industrial noise, and nothing more. surprising that something like this was even eligible to be included. Makes the godflesh sound good. next....

Birmingham 6- Thunderstruck The intro isnt bad. A little different from the real version, yet the same structure. The vocals arent bad either. I like this one. One of the better from this disc.

Razed in Black- Hells Bells Are those bells I hear? I wasnt too sure. The synthesizer intro is a bit odd. The guitars enter and it sounds pretty cool, but nothing at all like hells bells should sound. The vocals are ok- typical industrial/alternative or whatever you call it. Objectively speaking, i guess you can say they are doing their "own" version of the song. But its not hells bells at all. Maybe they just couldn't figure out how to play it right.

Psychopomps- Badlands Good choice for a song. Different than what one would expect a band to pick for a tribute CD. Badlands is a great and much overlooked song from the flick of the switch album. The first verse was a bit noisy, and was turning me off, the second verse and chorus picked up a bit and I got into it more. The break right before the solo kicks some ass. Pretty cool version.

Klute- The Furor Another interesting pick for a song. The furor, a choice from AC/DC's ballbreaker album. However.........Hip hop dance rap pop techno. Arrghh. awful!!! 30 seconds was all i could stand of this.

Terminal sect with en esch of KMFDM -Who made who The beginning sounds totally 80s pop. I'd almost expect to hear Belinda Carlisle's or Tiffany's voice come in. The song doesnt sound much like who made who. But again, objectively speaking, I guess an attempt at their "own" version of the song. Not all that bad. Though not all that good either.

Sister Machine Gun- TNT This is more like it again. The guitar is there, the vocals are there, the chorus, the backing vocals. It's all here. This one rocks. A good cover version of this AC/DC Classic.

16 volt- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Very heavy metal sounding intro. Pretty cool intro actually- doesn't much sound like the riff to dirty deeds at all though. The vocals are pretty lousy, and annoying. The only part that is reminiscent of the actual song is the chorus part. The guitar solo is missing. a mediochre rendition at best.

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