The Only Movie Powered By AC/DC

The AC/DC Movie..."Let There Be Rock", the concert Rockumentary film of AC/DC's Live concert from Paris, France filmed on 12/9/79, and released in movie theaters in 1981. Let There Be Rock has become one of the bands most memorable shows. Memorabilia from the original movie release can make a great addition to an AC/DC collection.

The original Let There Be Rock Movie poster (above). Other variations of the poster below, from different countries:

Australian Movie Poster Italian Movie Poster French Movie Poster German Movie Poster Repro Movie Poster

Let There Be Rock Original Movie ticket stubs:

Collectible Ticket stubs with each of the band members faces on them were issued at select theaters.

Bon Scott Ticket stub Bon Scott Ticket Stub Angus Ticket Stub Angus ticket stub Malcolm Ticket Stub Movie Ticket Stub