Mark Evans departed from AC/DC in 1977 and was replaced by Cliff Williams. The split was a mutual one, due to strains from the constant touring, amongst other issues. He was the original AC/DC bassplayer, considering the "classic AC/DC lineup" of Bon Scott, Angus and Malcolm Young, Evans, and Phil Rudd, and played on the albums "High Voltage", "TNT", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", and "Let There Be Rock". The split occured after the "Let There Be Rock" sessions, and Cliff was brought in for the tour. Mark went on to other bands- GRAPEFRUIT, FINCH, and CONTRABAND. The later 2 released albums in 1977. Mark Resurfaced in 1984 with Australian band HEAVEN, fronted by Alan Fryer(a potential Bon Replacement in 1980), HEADHUNTERS in 1988, and a few guest appearances in 1990.Mark has been known to have guested with an AC/DC tribute band onstage in Australia. In 1997, Mark hooked back up with Dave Tice(of the Headhunters and Buffalo fame) and formed an acoustic duo"Tice and Evans", with Dave on vocals, rythm guitar, & harmonica > and Mark on guitar. Sometimes they assemble a full band, with drums, electric guitars, and Mark pounds away on the bass. Mark played guitar on one track on the last Dave Tice album 'Lay Down With Dogs' released in March 2000, and is currently busy gigging regularly in Australia.

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