What are the band members birthdays & place of birth?

Brian: October 5, 1947 in Dunston, Gateshead, England
Bon: July 9, 1946 in Kirriemuir, Scotland; died February 19, 1980. Resting place: Fremantle Cemetary, Australia
Angus: March 31, 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland
Malcolm: January 6, 1953 in Glasgow, Scotland
Cliff: December 14, 1949 in Romford, Essex, England
Phil: May 19, 1954 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mark Evans: March 2, 1956 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Simon Wright: June 19, 1963 in Manchester, England
Chris Slade: October 30, 1946 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales

What are the band members full names?

Brian Johnson
Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott
Angus McKinnon Young
Malcolm Mitchell Young
Clifford Williams
Phillip Hugh Norman Rudd (born Phillip Hugh Norman Witschke Ellis)

Mark Whitmore Evans
Simon Wright
Christopher Rees (Chris Slade)

Where do the band members live now?

Brian- Sarasota, Florida, USA
Angus- Aalten, Holland
Malcolm- London, England
Cliff- Ft. Meyers, Florida, USA
Phil- New Zealand

What year was AC/DC formed?

1973, their first gig was New Years Eve Dec 31st 1973.

How Many AC/DC albums are there?

High Voltage (1975) first album, released in
Australia only. Produced by Vanda & Young.

T.N.T. (1975) released in Australia only.
Produced by Vanda & Young.

High Voltage (1976) worldwide compilation of
songs from the first 2 Aussie albums. Produced by Vanda & Young.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976) not
available in the USA/Canada until 1981. Produced by Vanda & Young.

Let There Be Rock (1977) (Euro & Aussie
version contain “Crabsody in Blue”) last album with Mark Evans on bass. Produced
by Vanda & Young.

Powerage (1978) (Euro version contains
alternate song mixes and “Cold Hearted Man”) first album with Cliff Williams on
bass. Produced by Vanda & Young.

If You Want Blood You’ve Got It (1978) (LIVE
album) recorded at the Glasgow Apollo 4-78. Produced by Vanda & Young.

Highway To Hell (1979) the last album with
Bon Scott on vocals. Produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

Back In Black (1980) Brian Johnson’s debut
with the band. AC/DC’s tribute to Bon Scott. Produced by Robert John “Mutt”

For Those About To Rock We Salute You (1981)
Produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1981) (USA and
Canada reissue, different tracklisting than Aussie version)

Flick Of The Switch (1983). Produced by

74 Jailbreak (1984) compilation of other
tracks from the original Aussie High Voltage plus “Jailbreak”, released to
commemorate 10 years since the band started, and as another fitting tribute to
remember Bon.

Fly On The Wall (1985) First album with
drummer Simon Wright. Produced by Angus & Malcolm Young.

Who Made Who (1986) Official Motion picture
soundtrack for Stephen King’s “Maximum Overdrive”. Produced by Vanda & Young.

Blow Up Your Video (1988) last album with
Simon Wright on drums. Produced by Vanda & Young.

The Razors Edge (1990) Chris Slade (The
Firm, Manfred Mann) joins on drums. Produced by Bruce Fairbairn.

AC/DC Live (1992) live album, also available
in a “collectors edition” 2 CD set.

Ballbreaker (1995) Phil Rudd returns on
drums. Produced by Rick Rubin.

Bonfire (1997) box set, which is a tribute
to Bon. Contains AC/DC “Live from the Atlantic studios” (live performance from
NY 12-7-1977), “Let There Be Rock The Movie” (2 CD set live in Paris 12-9-1979),
“Volts” (A CD of unreleased material and other tracks as a tribute to Bon), and
a copy of “Back In Black”.

Stiff Upper Lip (2000) Produced by George

Black Ice (2008) produced by Brendan O'Brien

Backtracks (2009) box set- which contains previously unreleased live and studio tracks (3 CD's) and 2 DVD's (Circus Krone Germany 2003, and Family Jewels disc 3), as well as some bonus items. This is a limited edition release. The BACKTRACKS set was also released in a slim-down version containing 2 audio CD's and the Family Jewels DVD3 disc.

Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack) (2010)

How did Bon Scott die?

Bon , after a night of heavy drinking at the Music Machine in London, England, later passing out and being left in
the car at 67 Overhill Road in East Dulwich, South London on a cold winter night was found dead the next morning.
The coroner report stated 'acute alcohol  poisoning' and 'death by misadventure'. Many reports claim that Bon asphixiated by choking, however this is not the case. 
He died on February 19th, 1980 at the age of 33.
Bon was cremated and laid to rest at Fremantle Cemetary in Australia.

What type of guitars do the Young brothers play?

Angus plays a Gibson SG, and has a large collection of them, and erine ball
super slinkies(9-46). Malcolm plays a 1963 Gretsch jet firebird, and has also
played a Gretsch White Falcon (Back in Black/For Those tours). Malcolm strings
up with 12-56 Gibson 900Ms (pure nickel roundwound). He has made cusomtizations on the Gretsch Jet guitar, having installed a Burns Vibrato on it, then removing that and putting on the badass bridge, then going back to the Burns again in 2000. He had also removed the bridge pickup on the guitar in 1976, as well as the original red finish down to the wood.


Angus is known to have used Marshall JTM45 heads, as well as Marshall plexi Super leads. Malcolm uses Marshall Super Bass (post 1969) , JTM 45's, and plexi super lead heads. Depending on the tours and albums, they have used different amps, however they have always stayed with Marshall 99% of the time (on occassion they have also used Wizard), and always all tube, never solid state heads. Marshall JMP's and 800's were also used on certain occassions.

AC/DC's preferred speakers in their Marshall cabinets are Celestion G12H and Vintage 30's.

Phil and Cliff?

Cliff’s main bass is a 1976 Music Man strung with D’Addario Flatrounds. He has
also used Fender Precision and Fender Jazz basses, as well as Steinbergers in
the past. He goes through a 70s Ampeg SVT and 8 x 10 SVT Cab.
Phil plays Sonor drums exclusively. 5 piece kit with Aquarian Classic Satin
Finish heads, (snare he uses a Clear Power Dot), Easton Ahead sticks, and Paiste

How can I contact the band or their management?

The best suggestion is to contact Sony Music directly, and any such requests
will be forwarded to AC/DC’s management.

Where are the members of AC/DC from?

AC/DC is an Australian band. Founding members Angus and Malcolm Young were born
in Scotland, and immigrated to Australia at an early age. Angus now lives in
Holland, and Malcolm in the UK. Original singer Bon Scott also was born in
Scotland and immigrated to Australia at an early age. Brian Johnson was born in
the UK and currently lives in the USA. Bassist Cliff Williams was also born in
the UK, and also now lives in the USA. Drummer Phil Rudd was born in Australia,
and now lives in New Zealand.
The band likes to keep their private lives to themselves.

What other/rare AC/DC tracks are there? (and Where can I get these tracks?)
Can I Sit Next To You Girl (original version w/Dave Evans on vocals) (original
Aussie vinyl single only)
Rockin In The Parlour (Dave Evans on vocals) (original Aussie vinyl single only)
Stick Around (original Aussie High Voltage album)
Love Song (Oh Jean) (original Aussie High Voltage album)
School Days (available on the Aussie TNT album, re-issued on VOLTS in the
Bonfire box set)
High Voltage (extended) (longer ending, doesn't fade- goes right into School
Days). Available on the Aussie
TNT album.
R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) (original Aussie Dirty Deeds album)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (extended) (longer ending, from Aussie Dirty Deeds
album, and Elektra worldwide reissue CD)
Fling Thing (original Aussie Jailbreak vinyl single only) (instrumental version
of the Scottish traditional "Loch Lomond")
Crabsody In Blue (Original Aussie (& European) Let There Be Rock album)
Carry Me Home (original Aussie Dog Eat Dog vinyl single only)
Go Down (extended version -doesn't fade) (Remastered Elektra CD only)
Cold Hearted Man (Euro Powerage, and original Aussie Rock n Roll Damnation vinyl
What's Next To The Moon (different mix) (European Powerage album)
Gone Shootin' (slightly extended mix) (European Powerage album)
Kicked In The Teeth (slightly different mix) (European Powerage album)
Down Payment Blues (slightly different mix) (European Powerage album)
Who Made Who (Extended version/mix) (Who Made Who single only)
Snake Eye (Heatseeker single only)
Borrowed Time (That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll single only)
Down On The Borderline (Money Talks Aussie single only)
Big Gun (Last Action Hero soundtrack, and Big Gun single only)
Cyberspace (Safe In New York City single only)

Johnny B Goode live (Chuck Berry song, live 1979 Bon Scott & Angus Young jamming
with Cheap Trick)
Ride On (French band TRUST with Bon Scott studio version from Feb 15 1980)
Lucille (Little Richard song, Live in Belgium 1981, Special guest Phil Carson on
Messin With The Kid (studio rehearsal from 1983)
"Brians Shake" (studio rehearsal 1983, not a real AC/DC title)
"Miller Time" (studio rehearsal 1983, not a real AC/DC title)
Hellbitty Ditty (not a true AC/DC title) (Studio outtake from 1985, unofficial)
Alright Tonight (demo from Blow Up Your Video) (unofficial)
Let It Loose (demo from Blow Up Your Video) (unofficial)
Boom Boom (Johnny Lee Hooker song radio jam Brian and Angus only on live radio
from France)
Locked and Loaded (the band JACKYL studio song from their "Cut The Crap" album
features Brian on vocals)
Rock Me Baby (Angus & Malcolm w/the Rolling Stones- various live performances)
She's My Babe (Studio rehearsal 1995)

"Cliffs Solo", "Humans Here", & "Scared" (not AC/DC titles) (Unoffical names of
the "tracks"...essentially
just the instrumental music taken from the Maximum Overdrive movie)

The Old Bay Road (early AC/DC song, never recorded)
Sunset Strip (early AC/DC song, diff't lyrics later developed into "Show
Fell In Love (original version of Love Song, diff't lyrics, never recorded)
Midnight Rock (early AC/DC song, never recorded)
Rock N Roll Singer (allegedly an original version w/Dave Evans on vocals, diff't
lyrics, never recorded)
I'm A Rebel (recorded in 1977, written by Alex Young. Never released)
Shooting Star (allegedly recorded during the Powerage sessions, never released)
Out Of Bounds (allegedly recorded during the Flick Of the Switch sessions, never
Hard On (allegedly recorded during the Blow Up Your Video sessions, never
Tight Rope (allegedly recorded during the Flick Of the Switch sessions, never
Rave On (allegedly recorded during the Stiff Upper Lip sessions, never released)
Whistle Blower (allegedly recorded during the Stiff Upper Lip sessions, never
The Cock Crows (allegedly recorded during the Stiff Upper Lip sessions, never
Let It Go (allegedly recorded during the Stiff Upper Lip sessions, never

Who were the original members of AC/DC?

Malcolm Young and Angus Young.
Dave Evans was the original singer(1973-74). Bass players were: Larry Van Kriedt,
Neil Smith, Rob Bailey, George Young, and finally Mark Evans (1975-1977), and
Cliff Williams (1977 to present)
Drummers were: Colin Burgess, Ron Carpenter, Russell Coleman, Peter Clack, Tony
Kerrante (Session drummer), and finally Phil Rudd (1975 to 83, 1995 to present).
Stevie Young (The Starfighters) replaced Malcolm for the US leg of the Blow Up
Your Video Tour.

I heard a copy of "Back In Black" sung by Bon Scott, is this really Bon?

NO! Many MP3 sites list this song as such, but it is wrong information. Bon
Scott never sang this song.

I heard this song "Son Of A Bitch" by AC/DC, where is this from?

No, this is not AC/DC. It is likely the song "Hair Of The Dog" by Nazareth.
There is also a song "Son Of A Bitch" by ACCEPT which is also mistaken for
AC/DC. ACCEPT also does the song "Balls To The Wall".

What happened to the original AC/DC bassist Mark Evans?

Mark Evans parted ways with AC/DC mutually in 1977. Mark went on to the bands
Finch, Contraband, Heaven, and others. He is now playing acoustic blues rock
with Dave Tice (Buffalo) in Australia.

What happened to Simon Wright?

Simon left AC/DC in 1989 to join DIO. He later went on to play in Rhino Bucket,
and is now back in DIO for a number of years, and also occasionally tours with Rhino Bucket when not busy with Dio.

What happened to Chris Slade?

Chris parted ways with AC/DC in 1994 when Phil Rudd returned to the band. Chris
went on to play in the band ASIA, but has recently parted ways with them.

Why did Phil Rudd leave the band in 1983?

Phil was having personal issues, and was strained from the long tours and needed
a break.
Phil rejoined AC/DC in 1994 and has been back with the band ever since.

What other bands were the members of AC/DC in?

Angus: Originally in Kantukee, then Tantrum. Never recorded. AC/DC only.
Malcolm: Originally in Velvet Underground Never recorded, then formed AC/DC.
Bon: The Specktors, The Valentines, The Mount Lofty Rangers, and Fraternity. All
had recorded.
Brian: Geordie. (Pre-AC/DC) Also guested on the Jackyl song "Locked and Loaded"
Cliff: Home and Bandit. (Pre-AC/DC) Both bands recorded. Also guested on Emir
and Frozen Camels project.
Phil: Coloured Balls & Buster Brown. (Pre-AC/DC) Both recorded.